Not Knowing Everything About SEO Is How You Really Succeed

Search Engine Optimization evolves every single day. It doesn't stop during the weekends and it definitely won't have mercy over the Fourth of July holiday. The goal of all search engines is to place the most informative web pages at the top for every query. With this goal comes constant updates and changes to the search ranking algorithm. A good SEO must be willing to learn something new every day otherwise they risk losing any success they have achieved.


Past Success Only Takes You So Far

So you have five sites ranking at the top for their most competitive keyword in their niche. Let me be the first to congratulate you! That's not a small task and you deserve all the accolades associated with such an accomplishment. However, what are you doing to maintain these rankings? Can one algorithm change send you crashing from the top? Most of the time these algorithm changes are not this extreme but it's something to always keep in consideration. Do you have a plan for future proofing your SEO What are you willing to do in order to stay on the top of your game? Are you willing to follow these suggestions?


Ask Questions

I don't care if you invented the word "SEO" or have three million top ranking websites, if you're not willing to ask questions your success will only last so long. Arrogance can kill a campaign and being too proud to ask a question is the first step to certain search ranking death. SEO is so much more then ranking within organic listings these days. We have local listings, videos, social media snippets and much more showing in search results these days. It's nearly impossible to be an industry expert in every aspect of search. Because of this it's very important that you set aside your SEO ego and ask questions.


Test, Test, Test

While asking questions is absolutely essential to expanding your horizons, you shouldn't trust everyone's advice. Many times the information can be relevant but you must remember that the SEO world dishes out a lot of misconceptions, rumors and blatant lied too! With this said it's important that you run your own tests. Not all techniques work for every site and experimenting will be one way to determine if the technique is successful. Testing SEO hypotheses is a fantastic way to learn. Even if the technique/theory doesn't pan out you have added to your knowledge base another technique to avoid. In the SEO industry it's just as important to know what NOT to do as is knowing what TO do.


Be Open Minded

Each and every SEO has a certain amount of routine SEO that goes into each site they work on. If someone were to suggest you do anything other than this would you be willing to consider it? You may be 100% correct in your strategy but can you sit down and explain to someone why you think your right? I can't speak for you but I freely admit that I am far from perfect. Because of this I am always willing to listen to another person's criticism and or suggestions. I thrive off of being able to pick someone's brain apart. If you tell me I'm wrong I need you to explain why you think such. I may disagree at times but I can always appreciate the fact that you made me thoroughly think through my techniques. I am also fully aware that I can be stubborn at times too and it always takes someone that makes me explain in detail to help me understand the flaw within my own logic. With this in mind it's absolutely essential to be open minded within the SEO industry. If you're unwilling to think outside of the box then your SEO success will only last so long.


SEO Is Evolving 24/7

To guarantee that the search engines don't get manipulated they are always looking to increase the complexity of their algorithms. These changes will eventually render certain SEO techniques useless in the future. Remember when people stuffed meta keywords and matched text to the color of the background? These techniques use to work, and because of the algorithm updates they not longer have any value. A successful SEO isn't one in which they prance around showing their past success. A truly successful SEO is one in which they entrance themselves in today's techniques, ask questions, test and are continuously open minded.


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