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Business Automation

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Good businesses have good technology-based systems. Great businesses know these individual systems need to communicate seamlessly and instantly. Their technologies—from on-premise ERP or cloud-based CRM to hosted e-commerce websites to sales tax services, shipping platforms or accounting platforms and more—have been integrated to share data, simplify processes and generate actionable insights in moments.

DKS builds cost-effective integration solutions that convert multi-system complexity to clarity. The result? Greater efficiency, increased productivity, and data-driven decisions.

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How We Do It.

Using our consultative, collaborative approach, we analyze your existing data and systems to identify systems communication gaps.

Next, we craft an integration solution using the specific platform or vendor that best addresses your needs, not our preferences. Sometimes this means deploying an existing system. Other times a custom solution is required. And we can build in monitoring to guarantee information is flowing seamlessly and without delay between systems.

Along with systems analysis, integration solution design and data flow monitoring, DKS manages the entire business automation from beginning to end to ongoing support

What are the benefits of integrating systems?

We have deep solution-agnostic, technology expertise. Our solutions are based in your best interest, not ours.
  • Better Data

    Faster, most holistic real-time data analysis and reporting
  • Information Accessibility

    Make all of your information available to everyone, everywhere
  • Reduced Costs

    No more procurement/ installation/ management/ troubleshooting/ reduced manual processes)
  • Reliability

    educed risk of human error with consistent automation
  • Secure

    Improved system security
  • Added Value

    Enhanced customer profiling and offerings

What have we done?

Equitable’s ultimate objective was to empower their staff to understand the relative importance of each component of the application process, comprehend how and where each piece of the process functioned, and ultimately, help service representatives better serve customers.


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