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Mobile App Development

Literally in the hands of your customers.

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The modern smart phone ecosystem has given the world access to information from anywhere. And they want it now. By creating a mobile app, you are empowering your users to interact with your platform quickly and easily. Even if they can only spare a single finger.

Stretching back to before the term “smartphone” was coined, our experience will guide you through the everchanging mobile landscape.

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How We Do It.

The true magic of a successful mobile application is an intuitive user experience. The application should increase the productivity of users. Answers should be at their fingertips and interactions should be a tap away. The machinery driving that simplicity may be anything but.

Your mobile application is really the face of a larger whole. The data and business logic driving the interactions are stored in the cloud. We build a centralized system that is working 24/7 for your customers.

But we don’t stop there. The system can also tie into your other business technology. Your sales tax, shipping management, CRM, ERP, marketing platform, and everything else you can dream up are working together in a unified experience.

DKS Systems puts your entire business engine behind a simple swipe from your users.

Benefits of Mobile App Development

  • Maximum Availability

    Your customers have access to a computer for some part of your day, but their phone or tablet are always with them.
  • Push Notifications

    Communicate with your customers even when they’re not using your application.
  • Stand Out

    Not every company has a mobile application, but your customer’s favorite companies do.
  • Native Features

    Applications can more readily access advanced features of devices, such as the camera, GPS, or their contact list.
  • Work Offline

    Even though the Internet is always open, you may not always be able to reach it because mobile applications can work without a data connection.
  • The App Store

    Your app will appear in the app store for your customer’s iOS or Android device. This marketing channel gives your brand additional exposure.

What have we done?

MFIP sought a simpler, more effective method of staying in touch with counselors and county workers that would eliminate communication issues and support the ability to track activity. Learn how we pioneered the birth of the MFIP Connect app for iOS and Android, along with a web application for program managers.


MFIP Connect custom mobile app development

Services Provided

Business Automation
Customer Experience

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