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DKS Technology Solutions

End Your Search for Custom Technology Solutions

Creating the right solution for your business needs takes a unique approach. For us, that means setting aside platform preferences and pre-defined processes in favor of the specific tools and strategies that will most effectively achieve your goals.

What we do

Some call our services customized. Others call them “exactly what we needed.” We just call them necessary. Because when we’re focusing on technology for your business needs, we’re creating the solution that works.

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Custom Software Development
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Mobile App Development
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With knowledge of multiple technical solutions to any given problem, we don’t evangelize any single programming language or platform – we’ll work to help you make an informed decision that will fit within your objectives and budget. Our toolbox of tried-and-true technologies keeps growing with our adoption of new technologies. Below is an overview of code bases we are expert at delivering against.

.NET  icon


  • C# (Language)
  • ASP.NET MVC (Framework)
  • ASP.NET Web API (Framework)
  • ASP.NET WebForms (Framework)
  • Kentico CMS (Platform)
  • DevExpress (Framework)

Client-Side   icon


  • HTML, CSS, & JavaScript (Language)
  • JQuery (JS Library)
  • SASS (CSS Processor)
  • RequireJS (JS Library)
  • Responsive (Design Technology)
  • React (JS Framework)

Other Languages  icon

Other Languages

  • Java (Language)
  • Python (Language)
  • ColdFusion (Language)
  • Ruby (Language)
  • Rails (Framework)

PHP  icon


  • Drupal (Platform)
  • WordPress CMS (Platform)
  • Zend Framework (Framework)
  • Laravel (Framework)
  • Magento (Platform)
  • WooCommerce (Platform)

Mobile icon


  • Objective-C (Language)
  • Java (Language)
  • Swift (Language)
  • iOS Native (Platform)
  • Android Native (Platform)

Cross-Platform   icon


  • SQL Server (Database)
  • SQL Server Analysis Services (OLAP)
  • MySQL (Database)
  • Azure (Platform)
  • AWS/EC2 (Platform)
  • Elasticsearch (Search Engine)

Hosting and Cloud icon

Hosting and Cloud

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) (Hosting)
  • Microsoft Azure (Hosting)
  • BigCommerce (SaaS)
  • Linode (Hosting)
  • Rackspace (Hosting)

Automation icon


  • Docker (Deployment)
  • Kubernetes (Deployment)
  • Jenkins (Deployment)
  • Icinga (Monitoring)

Ready to find the right technology solution for your business?

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