Why Stingy Linkers Should Always Re-Tweet, Thumb Up and Like


The world is full of people who only look out for number one. If you ask these people everyone else should be looking out for them too! Unfortunately this mindset has carried over to the internet as well. While many webmasters spend hours each and every day becoming "internet cool" they refuse to help anyone else out. Before the whole social media thing started these were the people that refused to link out from their website. Why? Because they want to hoard their link juice or they simply can't stand that their link would add value to another webmasters website. Let me remind you that these individuals are the same ones that suck knowledge from sites quicker then a vacuum does a rug.


Lesson One: Don't Be A Stingy Linker '101'

The general rule to linking out from your website can be summed up by answering just one question. "Did you receive any value?" It doesn't matter if you learned a new link building technique, how to make a fantastic pizza from scratch or what proper wine tasting etiquette consists of. If you gained value from a site and there is an opportunity to give them credit you should be doing it. Odds are if you found it of value then someone else will too. Don't be stingy in your linking, it won't have a direct effect on your sites ranking and if someone spent time to create quality content that you benefited from then it's the least you can do.


Lesson Two: Re-Tweeting, Thumbing Up and Liking

Just like the real world some people are stuck in their internet routines. There will always be webmasters that refuse to link out to other websites. For these webmasters, there is an alternative way to show your support. SOCIAL MEDIA. By re-tweeting, thumbing up or liking a content piece you are still supporting the site without the "risk" of loosing any of your precious page rank (Which isn't what happends by the way.) Your social media contribution may allow one of your friends the opportunity to benefit from the content just like you did. Ideally if a site was extremely useful to a webmaster they would do both. Whoa, let's not get carried away though.


Pop Quiz! Internet Etiquette

I understand that you may not want to link directly to your competitors or people you feel could be a direct or indirect threat. However, it really is common internet etiquette to show support for content that has benefited you in one way or another. Could you imagine the internet if everything was behind a paid wall? How can we prevent this from happening? Have you considered purchasing a product or service from one of these sites? Or checking out one of the advertisers that they may have displaying on their site? These websites would forever be thankful for these actions. If that's not an option then you can always thank them with a link, tweet, thumbs up, or like!


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