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Drupal has a long history and has been one of the most popular content management systems (CMS) during its entire lifespan. It has features suited to the needs of small up to enterprise organizations and has maintained a very active community. Developers are drawn to its open source status and enjoy the deep flexibility of the platform.

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Why Drupal is a Smart Choice

Drupal stands out for its ability to scale and meet the complex needs of enterprise organizations. The Drupal community has committed to introducing accessibility features into the core platform and Drupal is often highly regarded for its security track record. The Drupal platform is quick to install and can support your needs for many years. Drupal powers millions of websites and that knowledge-base will help support your website as well.

New features are being added to Drupal with each new release. You should plan to upgrade Drupal regularly to take advantage of these new features.

Let us help you determine if Drupal is the right solution for you.

Custom Drupal development
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Open Source

Both free and open source, you don’t need to worry about expensive licensing costs, even as your website and organization grow. You can also customize any part of Drupal to meet your needs while preserving Drupal’s full feature set.

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The speed of your website is important for the experience of your users and influences the search ranking of your site. At a fundamental level, Drupal is built for performance. It compresses resources and provides caching in the core platform. Off the shelf, it is several times faster than WordPress.

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Built for Teams

Drupal provides a powerful roles and permissions system for your administration users allowing each team member access to the specific part of the site they are responsible for. You can also define workflows for content editing, approval, and publishing.

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Drupal allows you to build and maintain multiple websites through one installation of the platform. The websites can share design and content elements. This benefits larger organizations by allowing different departments each have their own independent website while still maintaining a consistent look-and-feel.

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Theme allow you to change the look and feel of your website. Drupal has thousands of available themes, any of which can be used as-is or as the basis for your site’s custom design. A theme repository is available to browse and learn more about individual themes.

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Drupal provides developers with an official API to extend Drupal through modules. A set of core modules are available as well as additional community modules or our developers can build new modules to further refine the functionality of your website.

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