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Income Targeting with AdWords

AdWords has been coming out with some pretty cool features. By now,  we know that we can get really detailed [...]

This, Not That: Website & Online Marketing Edition

I have a fun post for you today! Just like anything else, the online world is constantly changing and evolving; [...]

NEW: Google Neighborhood + Local Content Ideas

Local SEO is a big part of the online marketing services we offer. And, we’ve been writing for years about [...]

7 Wise Website Investments {You Should Make}

Last week, I gave a few reasons why you should be using your website as the hub of all your [...]

Why Your Website Is More Important Than Ever

I don’t know about you- but I have heard rant after rant about Facebook’s organic reach debacle from businesses, brands [...]

3 Necessities for Local SMB’s

When I think about the small to medium local businesses we work with at DKS Systems, there are three main [...]

10 Reasons to Use Google+ Business Pages

I talk a lot about social media – specifically focusing on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. I’ll be the first one [...]

Re-Thinking Keyword Rankings

We still get many clients that want to focus on keywords. “I want to rank in the top results for [...]

Battling Confusion Between Google+ Pages, Profiles & Local

I’ve been pushing Google+ to most of my clients, lately. I’ve found a lot of compelling reasons to use Google+, [...]

LinkedIn Product & Services Tab Expires!

Hopefully your company had a Products & Services tab on LinkedIn, as that was once a popular Page optimization strategy. [...]