Be Careful When Using Twitter For SEO Advice.

Twitter for SEO

Unfortunately everyone today is an "SEO Guru". They take on projects that are over their head or attempt to optimize for keywords that are way too competitive. Don't get me wrong, we all start off as "SEO Newbies" in which we make these same mistakes however what is really unfortunate is that these inexperienced people have Twitter accounts. Some of these users attempt to help by giving "advice" or "tips" to other Twitter users.

SEO new comers who are trying to learn the basics of search engine optimization are at a disadvantage when they are fed "tweets" that consist of old SEO techniques or information that may be completely wrong.

It's my opinion that the best search engine optimization specialists are the ones that always add "my opinion", "it's been my experience", or "I think" before all their advice. Search engine optimization is not a science, therefore it's impossible to give advice that is 100% correct and will always result in top search rankings. SEO changes too often to make guaranteed claims. With all of this said, let me share with you some of the "Tweets" about SEO I have been collecting over the last week. (I have removed the Twitter ID since I don't choose to embarrass anyone.)


Poor Twitter "SEO Tips"


"#SEO Tip:Make sure that your important keywords have high keyword density in your pages #google #bing #yahoo"


It's been widely discussed in plenty of the SEO communities that keyword density doesn't matter as much as it once did. It's always a good idea to include your keywords in your copy however many people have ranked well for terms that are only in their title tags. High valued links with keyword focused anchor text can really help your rankings.


"SEO tip: Think outside the box -- Links from irrelevant sites may not contribute PR, but you could reach new customers."


My opinion is that it's not worth posting links on irrelevant sites because one link from a low level relevant "PR" site CAN boost rankings quicker than 10 links from non related websites. Your time can be put to better use getting quality links.


"SEO Tip #3 Get QUALITY backlinks by writing article and submitting to 30-100 article directories."


Using article directories can be an important aspect to implementing SEO. What I don't like about their "tip" is that they suggest submitting the written article to 30-100 directories. Google does not like duplicate content. If you submit 30-100 identical articles to directories, Google will probably only index a couple of them. Google tries very hard to not index duplicate content and if your article (and links) don't get indexed, then you don't get the "link juice" for that submission.


"SEO tip: You can get first page rankings for most terms over time, the more competitive the term the longer it will take."


It's not that I don't agree with this statement, I just think it's a half truth. WIth enough time and MONEY you can rank for almost any term. Optimization can be very expensive for competitive terms. Press releases with contextual links start at $200, a directory listing with Yahoo directory is $299. All of this plus a lot more will be needed to be competitive for a highly sought after keyword. I'm barely touching this subject, I haven't even mentioned the time and money needed to create FANTASTIC content for your website. This is something that needs to be kept in consideration when selecting your keywords.


"SEO Tip: Try to exchange links with your competitors."


It is believed that reciprocal links don't hold the same value that they once had. In addition, my goal is to make my site the best - why would I want to create an awesome website and then link out to my competitors? Given the opportunity, my competitor would rip me down from my rankings. IF you can get a one way link back to your site, go for it... otherwise I would avoid this situation.


"SEO Tip - ALWAYS add your anchor text as the signature on any forums you use if they allow it."


Make sure that you look to see if they are using the no follow attribute before spending the time to do this. Forums signature links very rarely get clicked on and some people argue that forum links hold very little value if not at all.


Not all Twitter SEO tips are bad

While I do believe that the intentions of these users are well inteded, it's still unfortunant that these people put out advice that is either questionable or just plain bad. The good news is that not all "SEO Tips" found on Twitter are bad. I have taken the time to select a couple tims that I agree with and believe to hold SEO value.


"SEO Tip; Set up Google webmaster tools and seek out and fix crawl errors such as 400 error codes and broken links. Can help boost rankings."


"SEO Tip: Use Excel spreadsheet to 'map' your keywords (main & supporting words) to track your linking strategy. Gr8 for visual learners!"


"SEO Tip: Your top search rankings are only as secure as your competitor's inwillingness to challenge you."


"SEO Tip: Links from other websites are vital, but not all links are equal. The higher the ranking and more relevant the site the better the link"


"SEO Tip! - How to get the best links to your website: Have a link worthy website"


"SEO Tip: When your competitor's customers have unansered questions, they go to Google. Be there with the answer to pick up the sale."


Twitter Is Fun and Resourceful.

Twitter can be a great opportunity to have fun, laugh, and learn a lot about search engine optimization. Make sure that you take all SEO advice with a grain of salt. Search Engine Optimization is not a science and it takes a lot of trial and error to find what will successfully rank a site at the top of the search engines. If you are interested in obtaining some quality SEO tips from Minneapolis web development firm DKS Systems, please follow us on twitter.


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