Tips For Locating & Evaluating Your Newly Acquired Links

Bonus Tip
Ever noticed that you received a link from a homepage of a site but you can never find it? It's more then likely the homepage displays a blog and the post your link is on has fallen off the first page. My best suggestion is to go to google and use this command "anchor" This will return pages on that domain that include any links that contain your keyword. This technique works best when you know the anchor text of your link.

What type of link did I acquire?

You are receiving extra traffic to your site but from what type of a link? Is it a text link or a image link? If it’s a text link the technique mentioned above will help you determine what anchor text you received. If it’s a banner link you may want to use the technique above to locate it on the page. Assuming it’s an image link you want to make sure that it has image alt text associated with it. I use two techniques to determine if alt text is being used.
  1. You can right click on the imagea nd look at the image properties. (See image below)
  2. Look at the Google Cache of the page and see if any text links to your site are found.

What value does this link offer?

Before you get too excited about this link it’s time to determine the SEO value it offers. First check to see if the ‘no-follow’ attribute is being used. This can be easily determined by looking at the source code of the page or by utilizing a SEO toolbar that highlights all no follow links. Second, check to make sure the page your link is located on isn’t being blocked from the search engines. Check the code to see if a meta robots tag is being used or if the robots.txt file is disallowing the page from being indexed. Finally, double check everything by looking for a Google cached version of the page. Once you see the cache and the link pointing back to your site you can start to jump up and down in excitement.

Bonus Tips: Heartbreaking techniques that kill the value of your new link.

95% of the time if you follow everything mentioned above, you have just added another great link to your portfolio. However, as I wrote last week, some people are tricky or simply hate the idea of linking out. Watch out for these techniques that may stop any value from transferring to your site from the link.
  • Canonical tags being abused so the links don’t pass value.
  • Robots.txt or meta robots tag – These links still bring you great referral traffic but if the search engines can’t see the page then you will not receive any ranking value from the link.
  • Hidden Pages – Pages that aren’t linked from anywhere within the domain. The pages are essentially hidden to the search engines which causes you to not receive any value from the link. This can often occur from sites making their navigation structure in flash or Javascript.
  • 302 Redirects – Have you ever noticed that a link to your page doesn’t link directly to your site? Sometimes you’ll notice the root domain with a folder extention entitled ‘out’ or something along the lines. They are redirecting the link from their domain to yours. If this redirect isn’t a 301 redirect then it’s likely that your site is not receiving any ranking value from this link.

Remember that all links offer your site value, some more then others. Even no follow links can bring a lot of traffic that may generate conversions. With the tips mentioned in this post you will hopefully be able to not only locate byt narrow down the value that each link is offering your site. Good luck and happy link building!


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