5 Tips To Keep You Motivated With Your SEO Campaign.

There is no question that SEO is difficult. If we all had it mastered our websites would be ranking number one for the best keywords within our niche. Unfortunately, there is only one spot on the top of the search engines. While SEO can be both very exciting and rewarding it is also very difficult and frustrating. Below are several tips on how to stay motivation during the days when SEO trys to get the best of you.

1. Take A Break

You feel like you're already behind and the last thing you want to do is take a break. However, consider taking one anyways. Eat a snack, take a walk, or call a friend. Get your mind off of SEO for alittle while. It's amazing what your mind can come up with when you remove yourself from the situation for short amount of time.

2. Talk To A Colleague

talk to colleague

Sometimes the best cure for frustration or defeat is verbally talking it through. Find a colleague or anyone who will be willing to listen to you. Talk your campaign or situation over with them. What have you been trying and why do you believe its not working? Sometimes the person you're talking to can point out a flaw that you had never even considered. Other times all it takes is for you to verbally explain the situation to figure it out yourself. It's amazing how many times I have come up with a solution to an issue just by saying everything out load. Sometimes a good pair of ears can fix the worst of situations.

3. Look At Your Past Success.

Some may consider this a little conceded but I belive this is a great tactic to get motivated. Take a look at some of your past successes! This can be a top ranking in the search engines; an articel that you wrote that went viral or a particular link you acquired. Everyone likes to see what their good at and let's admit it, after feeling frustrated it might just lighted your mood.

4. Set Up "Mini Goals".

Is your goal to rank for a really competitive keyword? You already know it's going to take a lot of time to see significan ranking changes. Why not set up a "mini goal" that you know you can achieve in a smaller amount of time? This is one reason I love long tail keywords. They typically don't take a lot of time to see results either. These smaller goals give you a sense of accomplishment and can motivate you to continue charging on for your main keyword(s).

5. Branstorm On Paper.

brainstorm seo

Grab a legal pad or blank piece of paper and just start writing all your ideas down. Some of these may be ideas you had in the back of your brain for a while but never had time to write down. Other ideas could be tactics/techniques that have worked in the past. Absolutely everything and anything gets written down on this paper. This is a brain dump so it's not uncommon to have lists, bullets, doodles, drawings or anything else that's on your mind. You can always throw this away or revise your ideas befor sharing with anyone else. This way you don't have to worry or worse yet, censor what ideas you write down.

There is no question that SEO can be difficult and some days you just want to pull all the hair out of your head. Patience is very important in SEO and being able to push through hurdles are essential for success. When you're having a frustrating day, go over some of the tips above and try again. You will be surprised how often some of these simple times can really help you out!




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