5 Overlooked Shortcuts Every SEO Should Utilize To Save Time

There is no question that SEO is a very time consuming process. You can't rush the production of fresh new content and link building is a never ending battle. Even with a top ranking all SEO's know that they have hundreds if not thousands of websites that are eagerly waiting to dethrone them. Since it's not possible to save time with these activities I wanted to share with you some shortcuts that may be able to save you time on other processes.

*Please note that these shortcuts are intended for windows users.

Easy Delete Shortcut

Do you ever write a sentence or a paragraph and decide that you hate it? Yeah me too! Hold down that control key and pound away at the 'backspace' or 'delete' key. Not having to utilize the mouse to highlight then press the delete key may save you some time. This shortcut is really nice for deleting whole words instead of manually pressing the delete key the length of characters the word consists of. It doesn't matter if your programming, blogging, tweeting or writing an e-mail, this shortcut is useful for everyone.


Easily Finding Your Content & Links

This shortcut is fantastic for looking up text or a particular link within a page. Do you ever find a page that's just littered with content or has hundreds of links within the page? Instead of manually scanning the entire site simply press the control 'F' button. A search box will pop up and you have the ability to paste your keyword, site name, or web address. Press enter and it will bring you to the first instance of your query within the page. Wasn't that a lot easier then manually searching through all the content?

My personal favorite technique to use with this shortcut is competitor link analysis. After going to Yahoo Search Explorer I click on one of the sites that hosts a link to my competitor site. I immediately open up the source code and after using control 'f' I type in the competitors URL. It immediately brings me to the first link and I can see what anchor text they received. This technique saves me a ton of time when completing competitor back link analysis.


Switching Between Applications

Most SEOs have multiple browsers, keyword research tools, rank checkers as well as word documents and excel documents open at any time. Unless you have multiple monitors it can be a tedious task to minimize and keep these applications organized. The shortcut 'alt' and then 'tab' can help you switch between applications without issue.

Notice how my example above only contains a single word document, Fire Fox, Internet Explorer and Microsoft Outlook. This will probably be the absolute minimum amount of applications that an SEO will have open at once. Adding keyword tools, rank checkers and much more really makes this short cut a real time saver.


The "Make Everything Go Away" Shortcut

So many times I get frustrated and just want whatever I'm currently working on to go away. (Ok, not really "away" but at least out of my face.) Utilizing the 'start' key (or the windows button) and pressing 'M' will minimize everything that's on your screen to your toolbar. This shortcut renders my super cool wallpaper that I have displayed on my background. In all reality it makes finding a file you downloaded to your desktop extremely quick. If that's not a good enough reason to use the shortcut then utilize it as a cheaper option then throwing your computer out the window. :)


More Common Shortcuts That Save Time

I wanted to list a few more shortcuts that I find help me on a daily basis. Some are more commonly used but all will generally help you speed up your computer productivity.

  • Control + 'A'                Select All
  • Control + 'B'                Bold
  • Control + 'C'                Copy
  • Control + 'I'                  Italicize
  • Control + 'S'                Save
  • Control + 'V'                Paste
  • Control + 'U'                Underline
  • Control + 'X'                Cut
  • Control + 'Y'                Redo
  • Control + 'Z'                Undo
  • Alt + 'F4'                       Quit Program
  • Shift + Delete              Permanently deletes file. (No cluttering up the recycle bin)
  • Windows logo + 'L'     Locks computer (Great for lunch time!)

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