Custom Web Applications

Technology Expertise + Imagination = Custom Web Applications

Rich Internet Application is defined as a web application that offers the features and functionality of a traditional desktop application. For example, if you pay bills online, you're using an RIA. But, as web development tools evolve and client browsers improve, web pages are offering ever-richer functionality.

One of our clients uses the web to monitor snow-melting machines on railroad tracks and gathers real-time information like air temperatures and precipitation levels. Another client uses a web interface to assist music teachers as they grade recorded assignments that students submit to their website.

See? The possibilities are endless.

We can make your website interactive by adding music, photo galleries, product showcases, animation, sweepstakes, videos and much more. Several of our clients rely on our technical expertise with tools like: Ajax, XML, Xpath, HTML5 and XSLT to create custom web apps that push the limits of traditional web technology.


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