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Search Engine Optimization is changing every single day. However, there are two essential elements to SEO that will never change. Fresh content and link building! SEO will continue to evolve for years but these two elements will always play a major factor. I have already covered creating content as a link buidling strategy in a past article. This article will focus on link building and specifically a free tool I use to keep track of my links.



Why Is It Essential To Keep Track Of Links?

When I first started search engine optimization I never worried about keeping track of my links. I always figured that if my link building was successful, they would be placed on the sites, and if not, well then they wouldn't be. It all seemed pretty obvious and I continued on for quite a while with this odd theory.

Everything was great until one day when I vaguely remembered receiving a link from a great website with high Google authority. I knew this site would be perfect for getting a link for a client and I simply couldn't remember the site. Only then did it dawn on me that I should have kept a spreadsheet with all my link acquisitions. No more searching for sites i have already spent time finding. No more building links where I already had existing links. Most importantly I now had a list of sources that could be useful for future link building opportunites.


The Free SEO Tool You Have Been Waiting For...


SEO Link Builder

Microsoft Excel Word Document!!! Wait, are you not excited? Trust me; you don't need anything more than this. Just so you don't feel like you wasted your time, I have set up a SEO Link Building Spreadsheet so you can start using it right now. In the first tab I have created seven fields that are titled "Website URL", "PR", "Contextual Link Used", "Page Linked To", "Link Approved", "Date" and "Comments". Some of these are self explanatory however I will briefly go over each field.

Website URL - Copy the URL of the website in which you're attempting to gain a link. This will help you remember that you have been to this site before to gain a link. It's also fantastic for when you need to return to a site to validate if a link had been placed pointing to your site.

PR - or PageRank is next. PR isn't everything, but it's nice to have a snapshot of how Google ranks this pages "authority".

Contextual Link Used - It's very important to add your keywords in your contextual links. I can't imagine anyone who remembers exactly what text link they typed into a directory or requested from a specific site. This is a great opportunity to verify that you are indeed changing up your linking anchor text too.

Page Linked To - A common SEO rookie mistake is pointing all your links to your sites homepage. This field allows you to type in internal pages that you pointed your link towards.

Link Approved? - This is great to know when you need to check and see if your link has been added to a page. Directory submissions are the first to come to my mind.

Date - When did you run into this link building opportunity?

Comments - Every once in a while it's nice to write a note explaining how you ran into this link building opporunity or what specifics need to be accomplished to get a certain link. I always like to write a small note so that I know what I thinking or what I did to find this linking opportunity.


The Second Tab Entitled "Sites With No SEO Link".

The second tab on this spreadsheet is a little bonus I added. When you type http://* (place your URL within this) it should show you all the web pages that reference your website by your domain name. Within this second tab it gives you the opporunity to write down which of tehse sites you want to contact. You probably want to see if they will change the text into a contextual link huh? *HINT HINT* :) These links are essentially free!


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