SEO: 5 Web Design & Redesign Tips For Top Search Engine Rankings

Is your website getting outdated? Has your site just been sitting idle without any content updates? Are you losing traffic because your site isn't optimized to today's SEO standards? If your site matches any of these descriptions, you should consider a website redesign.

When redesigning your website it's very important to keep these tips in mind. Search engine algorithms are updating continuously and if you haven't changed your site in a couple months/years your site probably needs some SEO web design love. Follow these tips while developing and designing your new website.

  • Use Flash responsibly. Flash development is very unique and can definitely give a website that little "extra" that each site needs to be competitive in their market. However, it's very important that you remember that Flash programming isn't 100% searchable by the search engines just yet. To play it safe, use flash for items on your page that you are comfortable with the search engines not seeing.

    Using Flash in your navigation should be avoided, it's very important that search engines be able to spider your navigation menus when visiting your site.

  • Static URLs are a must. With URL re-writing being relatively easy to use these days there is no reason to be stuck with ugly dynamic URL's. When you re-write the URL make sure to include your keyword and use hyphens (not dashes) between each word if it's a multi key word phrase.
  • URL Redirects. URL redirects are not new but it's very important to keep these in consideration when redesigning your page. We already talked about URL re-writes and guess what happens when you do this? You need to place a 301 redirect from the old page to the new page! By implementing a 301 redirect you are telling the search engines to send all the old pages link authority and "juice" to the new page. This will allow your page to start off where your old page left off in the search engine rankings as well.
  • Title Tags. Title tags are in no way new but a lot of people publish their websites with the title name being "index" or "home". Titles play a big role in search engine optimization and you should not let this slip away from you. The first two keywords in your title tag are the most important so make sure you include them in the front of your title tags. Put your company name at the end of your title tag; odds are you already rank really well for your company name and you are wasting precious title tag space by adding this in the front.
  • Create Search Engine Friendly Menus. This really ties in with the flash tip mentioned above but it's so important I am going to address it by itself. If the search engines can't read your menus properly, it will be extremely hard to get your internal pages indexed and ranking high in the search engines.

    SEO Web Design TipsHow do you know if your menus are search engine friendly? The best way to see is to hover your curser over the menu link and see if a URL shows in the bottom left corner of your screen (above "start" for Windows users). If you see it, then the search engines can see it. If you cannot, then neither can the search engines. If your menus are search engine friendly then your chances of getting indexed are increased considerably.

The 5 tips mentioned above are very often over looked when redesigning or creating a website. Optimizing your site can be pretty easy if you put a little time into mapping your site out before conducting your redesign. Take your time and reference these tips, you too can have your site ranking at the top of the search engines!

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