Please! Don't Delete Your Seasonal Content Pages

It's almost October and Christmas is right around the corner. It's only natural that some individuals and businesses will start up the "Christmas hype" extremely early. What does everyone want for Christmas? What mega sales are going to occur? Which gift will be most popular at the $299.99 price tag - Sony Playstation 3 or X-box 360? All these questions and a lot more will be addressed through millions of web pages created this season. Finally, when all the holiday hype has passed these companies will consider deleting these content pages. PLEASE DON'T!

Google Likes Real Estate... I Mean Content.

Google treats websites like real estate. Would you like to own the house with 5 rooms, a 3 car garage and a pool in the backyard or would you prefer a small studio apartment? A website that is the equivalent to the first real estate example always has fresh and new content. They continue to build onto the website just like you would build an addition to a house. If you built a new bedroom would you go knock down the part of your house with the old bedroom? Probably not, but by deleting this seasonal content page you're essentially doing just that. You are demolishing prime real estate!

Quality content is the “secret” to building links.

Sites that delete their seasonal content remind me of small rental studios. You can paint the walls and add unique touches to make your studio feel more like home. However once you decide to move out you need to restore it to its original condition. You will need to repaint your walls and take down your personal touches. Does this sound familiar? You added a Christmas page to your site; you received a ton of traffic because the content was absolutely fantastic and then it's all gone because the holiday has "moved out".

Good Real Estate Is Hard To Come By.

You created that fantastic Christmas content page and the holidays have now ended. You decided to not delete the page, smart move but what is next? You know this time next year your company will re-release the newest and greatest Christmas content again. USE THIS URL! You already have natural links from all your customers and fans that loved your previous content; this is a great opportunity to build upon your existing real estate.

Let's say your old Christmas page ranked #10 in the search engines for the keyword "Christmas gifts". If you publish a new page it won't be ranking higher than your existing # 10 page that has a year of authority and natural links. Use this URL (your existing real estate) and build a new page within this URL. The goal is that Google will maintain the #10 ranking for your keyword "Christmas gifts" and this will give you more traffic to the newest Christmas content page developed for this year.

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