5 Old SEO Techniques That Are Nearly Worthless


There is no question that search engine optimization has become more difficult over the years. Gone are the days of stuff meta keywords and building hundreds of directory links. Today it's all about the quality of content, avoiding no follow links and social media. The following list is a flashback to some "ancient" SEO web design techniques that have no value or little value in today's SEO world.

Meta keyword stuffing

In the early SEO days one could stuff hundreds of keywords into this meta tag and have it benefit their search results. The only value this tag has nowadays is that it is a good way to keep track of which keywords you are optimizing for.

Comment Code Stuffing

People write comments in their web design code to help understand how parts of code work. Webmasters back in the day use to artificially inflate their keyword densities by writing their keywords several times within their comments. This technique is very old and the search engines do not place any value on these comments.

Duplicate Content

There once was a time when search engines didn't notice if content was duplicated throughout several sites. These days whoever writes the content gets the credit and is typically found on the top of the search engine. It's important that IF your going to let others use your content that it is published and indexed on your site before someone else publishes it on their site.

Automated Directory Submissions

Yes, there are still some directories that hold value. In fact, DKS offers a list of authoritative directories that Google still holds authoritative value towards. The value of directories has really declined due to the fact that it is an easy way to manipulate links for positive search results. Submitting your site through automated services to hundreds or thousands of directories is a waste of time and money. The biggest problem with automated directory submissions is that the links do not look "natural". If you build 1000 directory links that have "purple dogs" as the link text - the search engines won't view these as natural links. If Google or any other search engines view your links as unnatural, you run the risk of getting banned.

Reciprocal Links

I won't go as far as to say that reciprocal links have zero value, however their value has definitely decreased over the years. Search engines are looking for links from niche related websites; they don't care as much if you get a link from a automotive site pointing to your baking recipe site. Go ahead and get the links from your families and friends websites however, it's probably not worth the time to send out the "please link to my page" e-mails to random webmasters anymore

This technique just doesn't hold the same value it once did, and everyone would agree that the e-mails are simply annoying.

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