Meta Keyword Tags Hold ZERO Google Search Value


Meta Keyword tags back in the early 1990's use to be one of just a few keys to getting a good search engine rankings. A long with a few other outdated SEO techniques stuffing your keywords in the Meta Keywords tag could almost instantly throw your site to the top of the search engines. Amost 20 years later I can confidently say that Meta Keyword tags hold no value to Google search results. Incase my word isn't good enough for you, watch this video by head of web spam team Matt Cutts.




Wait! Meta Keywords Still Have Some Value!

Yes, I just got done telling you that Meta Keywords don't hold any value in Google. Yahoo and Bing have yet to come out and verify that the Meta Keyword tags don't hold any value in their search engines. It's in my opinion that IF they do hold any value that it's very very very minimal. The main reason I like to use the Meta Keyword tags is that it is a good way to remind yourself of which keywords you are targeting for that specific web page. I don't believe for one moment that they contribute to top search rankings!


Watch Out! People Can Steel Your Keywords That Way!

I have had several people tell me this; my responce every time is that any SEO specialist worth his/her salt can already tell your keywords before ever looking at your Meta Keyword tags. Why not use this field as an opportunity to remind my clients who by just looking at the page cannot always remember instantly what the keywords are that we are ranking for? Unfortunately this is about the extent of "value" these tags offer.


Panicking Over Meta Keywords Is A Waste Of Time.

We have been told by Google that Meta Keyword tags do not help your search rankings, so just like PageRank don't obsess over it!!! If it really helps you sleep better at night to add them then go ahead. Please do yourself a favor and do not spend more than a couple minutes to do this though. Your time can be so much better doing a website redesign, writing new content, building links, or participating in social media. (Are you following me on Twitter?)


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