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Everyone wants to rank for keywords that send hundreds if not thousands of visitors a day to their website. Unfortunately, most people don't understand the extreme amount of time, money and effort it takes to achieve these rankings. Only one website can be number one and odds are it probably isn't you. Instead of fighting with the "big dogs" over that one keyword, you should try target several long tail keywords!

This article is going to be used as a test to see how effective long tail keyword optimization can be. There is nothing more I would enjoy than to get the DKS website ranking number one for the term "Search Engine Optimization". However, I realize that "search engine optimization" is very competitive search term and our time is probably better off being used to target several long tail keywords that can ultimately bring in more qualified traffic.

The test: Ranking for the long tail keyword "Search Engine Optimization Minneapolis"

We are going to see how long it takes to gain successful rankings for the long tail keyword Search Engine Optimization Minneapolis. This keyword as you can tell is very specific for the town of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Many of our clients are from Minneapolis/St. Paul and the surrounding areas of Minnesota. It's only appropriate that we attempt to rank well for this long tail keyword. You too can rank well for long tail keywords that include your local town/city or state. Give it a shot!

Monthly Search Volume For "Search Engine Optimization Minneapolis"

Using first the Google Keyword Tool - we saw that "Search Engine Optimization Minneapolis" has a local search volume of 480 visits in the month of June. The same search in our word tracker software we see that it spits out a volume of "50" per 24 hour period which results in roughly 1500 searches a month. Unfortunately it's not all that uncommon to see such a discrepancy from the two programs – this is one reason why we will conduct this test. When typing in our search term without quotes we get roughly 160,000 competing website. With quotations around the keyword we see our real competition at roughly 2650. This long tail keyword seems to be easier to rank for then search engine optimization that boasts 31,900,000 competitors!!!

Monitoring Results for "Search Engine Optimization Minneapolis"

You are probably wondering how you, the reader will be notified of our results? A new article will be written periodically (probably once a month) with the results. At first we will focus on where we rank for the term Search Engine Optimization Minneapolis and as the rankings continue to increase we will post visitor statics via our analytics program.

How do we know if results are successful? Simple, if we get people visiting this site from the search engines then the test can be considered successful. If we get visitors who opt for a SEO Web Design from this test, then the test was extremely successful!

Not a long tail keyword supporter?

You're still not a long tail keyword supporter? Come back and visit our site so you too can see how long tail keywords can be easy to rank for. 3-4-5 word key phrases can drive qualified traffic to your website. If you rank well for several of these long tail keywords you can ultimately bring in more traffic to your site then ranking for the original 1 word keyword we all originally wanted.


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