The Number 1 Link Building Technique Exposed

Link building is arguably the hardest part when implementing a search engine optimization campaign. Everyone does the link building basics, submitting to authoritative directories, blog postings, message boards, articles etc. What is it that separates these people from the people who own top rankings in Google? It is not a link building secret that only a handful of SEO's know… it's their CONTENT!

I hate to even mention it since it's over used all the time, however CONTENT IS KING! The best websites are the sites that offer fresh and unique content to all of its users. Think about all the websites you visit when you jump on your computer. How many of these sites have added additional content since you last visited? I'm guessing almost all of these sites. Think about it, what's the purpose to visiting a site if you aren't given an opportunity to read up on the latest sports scores, the latest gossip, or even your friend's most recent Facebook or Twitter status? Updated content is essential to having your users return to your site.

The best ways to add content to your site

Articles and Blogs are both fantastic sources of frequently updated content. In addition you can publish copies of your press releases, and post videos with text descriptions. All of the before mentioned content can easily be updated on a daily, weekly, or on a monthly basis. Assuming this content is of quality; your readers won't be able to contain their excitement – they might even beg you for new updates.

Quality content is the “secret” to building links.

I had previously told you there were no “secrets” to building links to your website; I wasn't 100% truthful in that statement. The true secret to building links is to offer the absolute most unique and best content available! Be the first, the best, challenge the professionals, give great advice/tips and be UNIQUE! This is what users want to read about, not what color you decided to dye your hair or what you ate for lunch. Leave these comments for Twitter and Facebook.

Social media loves fantastic content!

You've completed your amazing article, congratulations - the hard part is done. Publish the content to your website and start letting people know about your updates. Update your RSS feed and send out any newsletters or e-mails to your existing users. Wait, you want even more visitors to see your fantastic content? Oh, ok. You will want to use social media –,, Twitter, Facebook, and even more is available for free. Create a release or status update on these social media networks and **POOF** (I bet you didn't expect special effects in this article huh!?) a link to your content is widely available to the entire internet.

If your content is truly unique and amazing, you will be able to sit back and watch the users file in line to visit your site. If these users agree that your content is as fantastic as you claim, they will link to your site without even having to be asked. Link building doesn't get much easier than that!


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