How To: Increase Twitter Followers Who Want To Buy Your Products!


For the longest time I never really knew what to write about within the 140 character Twitter field. I knew I didn't want to talk about what I ate for lunch or what color my socks were that day. At that point I knew that if I couldn't figure out what to write that I would never be able to "make it" in the Twitter world. Eventually I figured out that talking about my passion for SEO and writing short "SEO Tips" could help out others. This resulted in an increase of followers.

Over six months of re-tweeting others and adding little tips here and there have netted me an unimpressive 500 or so followers. I then asked myself how I could get more followers for clients and more importantly how could I get followers who will actually visit their site. Below is a tactic I developed based off a tip I received from Matt McGee This topic has increased a client's follower count from less than 10 to over 200 in less than a week!


Step 1: Identify Your Competitors

Just like you would for SEO find out who your online competitors are. Do these sites have a twitter logo or a link to their twitter account? Click on them. Now here is the important part, how established is there account? Do they have the same embarrassing amount of followers as you? Set that account aside and move on to your next competitor. How many followers do they have? If it's a number that you're impressed with then let's continue to the next step.

Remember, anyone who is listed as your competitor's follower has chosen to follow them by choice. By clicking on your competitor's follower's link you instantly get a list of fully qualified individuals who are interested in your niche!!!




Step 2: Further Narrowing Down Your Target Audience.

All good things seem to be ruined by spammers these days. Twitter is no different in this regard. For every account that has thousands of followers there is a good chance that over half are spam bots or very low quality Twitter accounts. Use the following tips below to narrow down which accounts YOU should follow.

  • Profile Picture - Are they using a real picture of themselves? Avoid Twitter default pictures.
  • Profile Name - If you see a real name being used then the odds that this is a qualified individual is a lot higher then say "quickcash83man". Be on the lookout for spammy profile names.
  • Latest Status - Does the user advertise cheap drugs and free money? Probably not the qualified individual that you're looking for... that's assuming they are even real to begin with. Look for users that are having casual converstaions, are re-tweeting others and place their own thoughts and opinions in their statuses.
  • Tweet Time - How long ago did they publish their last tweet? If it was six months ago these people probably aren't the most active Twitter users. Try to look for users that have published their twees within the last day. These are the users that you will want to target.

Even after you analyze the followers to see if they qualify as good leads don't go following them quite yet... We have more to do.


Step 3: Update Your Latest Status

Updating your Twitter status before following people is VERY important! When you follow another Twitter user they by default receive an e-mail notifying them that you have followed their Twitter account.

Most of the time these people have zero clue who you are. If they are interested enough they may click on the link to view your profile. Imagine if they see this profile first.


When someone visits my profile they are not going to receive the answer to the question "Why is this guy following me?" Now I look like a weirdo that is spamming people and or trying to inflate my following/follower numbers. Now imagine if the person who we followed looks at this profile.


As you can see, my latest tweet is the largest part of the screen. I answer the question why i chose to follow their account and further more I ask them a question which hopefully will engage them into a conversation.

Now that I caught their attention they may decide to read my bio info to the right. Here they will see my name, my location and little but more info about who I am. Finally they may take a quick look to the left of the screen and see the image I am using for my background. Once again they will be reminded of who i work for and our company accolades. Assuming you share the same interests that I do (SEO), which profile would you be more inclined to FOLLOW BACK?


Step 4: Now Go Back and Follow.

Now that you have a list of qualified Twitter users and have prepared your own Twitter page, you can finally go ahead and start following. I have found that the success ratio for this technique is roughly 50% - 70%. The longer you take to analyze your list of users the better success I would imagine you would have.


Step 5: Be Careful! Don't Scare Your Followers.

It's ver exciting to see the followers roll in, soon you will have a plethora of people to sell your products or services to. Now it's very important you don't go about spamming all your new followers. I have seen first hand how quickly these followers will drop if you annoy them too much. With thisin consideration, always remember to interact with your followers as often as possible. Visit their blogs, re-tweet their comments and build relationships. In between all of this you will find great opportunities to drop a link to your website. Once you build trust with your followers they will feel more inclined to visit your website. Visiting your website is the first step in purchasing a product or service!


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