When To Guest Blog Your Content & When To Keep It For Yourself.

I will admit it, I was one of the many SEO's that hated the idea of giving away my content for "free". I always believed that guest blogging was just that, giving away free content. It wasn't until a while back when i finally saw the light. Guest blogging is a fantastic source of links. Now this was never a big secret and im sure im not the first one to tell you this information. There are two ways to break down the idea of publishing the content on your own site vs. submitting guest blogs. I will explain why in my opinon each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Hosting Your Own Content

If your website is new and contains very few pages then I think it's absolutely critical that you host your own content. Not only can you leverage this content on social networds but you can also bring search traffic to your site by long tail keywords. You also have the opportunity that someone scraps your content (links included) or better yet links to your content. In th every beginning your brand new website can use any links that it can acquire.

The negative aspect of hosting your own content is that it's hard to get your new content out to the public. Most times a brand new website has very few followers. You have to work extremely hard at your social media efforts to get traffic to your website. If your content isn't one of a kind then it's pretty rare that you net any links.

Guest Blogging Your Content

Guest bloggin offers you several opportunities. Most of the time you can request a link back to your website with the anchor text of your choice. It's your content and if it's of quality many bloggers will give you whatever you want for it. Another benefit is that the blogs you are contributing the content to typically have a larger following. You not only will get referral traffic from the link but you will aslo make a name for yourself. If these readers really enjoy your content there is a good chance that they may be willing to visit your website. For this reason you will want to make sure you don't outsource all your content. Your new visitors will want to see content on your site that's just as good if not better then what they already read.

One negative point about guest blogging is that you are limited to acquiring one link. If a use finds this content extraordinary then they may choose to tlink to the content. Since you guest blogged this content the website that's hosting it will net the extra links. By hosting the article on your site you could have garnered the extra links... That's assuming that the user would have been able to find it. As you can see this is why guest blogging vs hosting on your own site can be a little tricky.

The Combination Of The Two Works Best!

Assuming you can write a couple content pieces a month it's in your best intereste to both guest blog your content as well as publish it on your site. The ration in which you do this will be unique to your site. If your website is new I would consider something a long the lins of a three to one ration for publishing your content on your own website. If your website is well established and your biggest need is specific anchor text link building then you might want to consider increasing your guest blogging. Guest blog three of your content pieces and publish only one or two to your website. This way your site will benefit from the extra links and the long tail keyword traffic. Any combination of the two will have a positive effect for your website. Just make sure to write quality content that benefits your readers. Writing content for content sake won't help anybody, and you definitely won't be acquiring any links.


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