Google Super Bowl Ad: "Parisian Love".

Google Super Bowl Advertising

The Super Bowl is a great event for everyone. For football fans it's their
last opportunity to watch the NFL until the annual draft held in April. For non sports fanatics, the commercial advertisements are at times both entertaining and hysterical.

Last night the battle between the Indianapolis Colts and the New Orleans Saints was well on its way into the record books. What some of us didn't expect was the TV advertising battle between Google and Microsoft's Bing to recharge. After Bing spent an estimated 100 million dollars advertising their new search engine, they finally started to see a small conversion. Bing's market share rose from roughly 3-5% to almost 10%. Surprisingly, we didn't see much of a response from Google. They continued to dominate the search industry and are expected to for many years to come.


The Search Engine Battle Still Grows

Back to the Colts/Saints game... it's the third quarter and both teams are battling it out in a relatively close game. It's time to take a commercial, so we fade out from the game and are presented with Google's Super Bowl ad "Parisian Love". Feel free to watch the commercial below.





Google Features Demonstrated

Wow! Where to begin, this commercial has not only shows many aspects of Google that are (as of now) superior to Bing but it has now won the hearts of millions of Americans. One can only guess what affect this may or may not have in the search engine market.

From an SEO standpoint, it's interesting to note the following features within the video.


1. Google Suggested Search
2. "Did You Mean" Correction Search
3. Local Business Results
4. Web Definitions
5. Flight Statuses
6. Google Maps

These features are not unique to Google however they are the pioneer in much of this search technology. Until last night we believed the battle was between the New Orleans Saints and Indianapolis Colts. However Google dealt what some people believe to be a hard blow to their closest competition. It will be interesting to see what affects this commercial has on the search market and what Bing's response will be if any.


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