Have Fun Using Google Keyword Tool - A Top SEO Industry Name Analysis

Admit it... you do it too! Yes you! We all have "Googled" our own names to see what comes up. If you own a website you hope that it will show at the top followed by some of your social media accounts and maybe a guest blog here and there. This really isn't all that weird; in fact you probably should be doing this to keep up with your online reputation management.

So now you freely admit that you have searched for your name but have you ever placed it in any keyword research tools? Do you know how many times people type your name into the search engine? I have taken the time to accumulate some data regarding some of the biggest names in the SEO industry. Below is a list of 14 very well known SEO industry names and myself. You will see why I added myself in a moment.


*Note - All searches were conducted within Google AdWords Keyword Tool as an "exact" phrase and location based in the United States.


Data Results


Name Website Global Monthly Searches Local Monthly Searches
Michael Gray wolf-howl.com 27,100 4400
Matt Cutts mattcutts.com 9900 3600
Andy Beal andybeal.com 5400 2900
Danny Sullivan Searchengineland.com 4400 2900
Eric Ward ericward.com 2400 1900
Aaron Wall seobook.com 1600 880
Matt McGee smallbusinesssem.com 880  
Rand Fishkin SEOmoz.com 880  
Lisa Barone outspokenmedia.com 720  
Ann Smarty seosmarty.com 480  
Jill Whalen highrankings.com 480 320
David Mihm davidmihm.com 320  
Mike Blumenthal blumenthals.com 260  
Rhea Drysdale outspokenmedia.com 110  
Nick LeRoy NickLeRoy.com 91  


Data Anomaly

I originally put together this idea when I was entranced in keyword research for a client of mine. After a couple hours of research my curiosity got the best of me. I put my name into the search and I was surprised to see results.. as in there were actually numbers displayed! Unfortunately, I know there are several people with an online presence that share my name. With that being known I knew the traffic isn't strictly to find me or the company I work for. It's pretty safe that the "leader" of our list (Michael Gray) shares his name as well. In fact Google even shows you if several profiles exist for the name you're searching. This is our data anomaly.



The Value Of This Data

What can you get from this information? Probably not a whole lot, however you could always use this data to compare to your analytics program. Realistically these results are just for fun and at best a small stroke to some egos. What's the harm in taking two minutes and playing with a tool that many of us work with on a daily basis? SEO doesn't always have to be nitty gritty and down to business... Make sure to have fun too!


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