Free Advertising in Google's Real Time Search Results

Google has been very busy trying to get the world ready for their newest search update entitled "caffeine". In fact, Google has recently announced the implementation of Google real time search results. Real tiem search results allow social media posts such as Twitter to appear in the search engine results. For a much more in depth explanation of real time search check out search engine lands article.


Some Examples Of Real Time Search In Action

After I read about this real time search results showing up in the search engine I took some time to play around with the DKS Systems Twitter account. What I found was pretty interesting, see the picture below.


advertising in twitter

I first typed into Google what I thought would be an extremely popular keyword. After typing in "Christmas Present" and verifying that Googles real time feed existed; I jumped on Twitter and blasted out an advertisment. "A website designed by is a great Christmas Present !!!" Thats free advertising on the front page of Google for a keyword that is probably getting millions of hits this month!


It Get's Even Better!

I thought for sure that Google would filter out a link placed in a tweet that was pulled into the Google real time search results.... NOPE! I now have a live link sitting in position 5 (above the fold) for this extremely competitive keyword "Christmas Present". Granted it only takes roughly 5-6 seconds before your tweet is replaced by another real time search, it's still pretty neat, and free advertising.


advertising in twitter


Is This Considered Black Hat or Manipulative Advertising?

I don't think there is any question of whether or not this is manipulative; however is it considered black hat? I wouldn't go that far... my Twitter post is real marketing that pits within the keyword im targeting. Now it's not all that often that someone purchases a website design for a christmas present but I still woudln't consider it impossible.

There is a danger to this new technology being released and Rae Hoffman over at Outspoken Media has a fantastic article outlining these issues. One good point that she brings up is the opportunity for bad people to reach out to young children. This is a real and dangerous possibility with the new real time search technology. Check out Rae's article, it's an eye opener.


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