The Importance Of A Follow Up E-mail For Link Building



This article is a follow up to my previous post entitled ""How I Acquired PR4+ Links With Personalized E-mails" In that article I explained in detail how to go about acquiring links with personalized e-mails and even shared an example of how one link was obtained. What I didn't go into detail about was what you should do once a webmaster has stopped participating in your conversation.

The reciprocity method first requires you to offer a webmaster a reason to communicate with you. For example, a quick e-mail explaining that broken links were found is a good first step into the door. When you get a response back enquiring which links are broken this is when you carry out the rest of the technique by giving the information the webmaster wants along with a friendly site suggestion. Sometimes this is enough to get the link but many of the times that will be the end of the conversation. What to do now? Don't let the opportunity die; send them a follow up e-mail! By no means do I suggest you spam them to death nor get on your hands and knees begging for the link. Simply follow up after a couple days if you haven't received a response.


The Follow Up E-mail

There could be so many reasons why the person you were talking to is no longer responding to your e-mails. Could they be on vacation? Could they have accidentally deleted your e-mail address? Or would you believe that some people are just that busy? Sending a friendly follow up e-mail asking if they received your previous e-mail is a good way to reengage in the conversation. Don't make it a long winded e-mail, get to the point and send it. If they want to respond they will, if they don't then you didn't spend that much more time on that contact. Feel free to move on to your next link opportunity.

Follow Ups Get Links

I sent one gentleman an e-mail simply asking if he accepts site suggestions. Didn't bother him with a link but just gave him an explanation of what I had to offer and left it at that. I was very pleased to hear back from him stating that he thought it might be of some interest and that he would appreciate the site suggestion. In response I sent him the URL with once again a quick explanation on why I found the resource so valuable. A week goes by, no response nor was the link placed on his page. I took it upon myself to send a follow up e-mail and within the next day he not only responded but sent me a link to the page in which he added my link. No mention of why he didn't add the link earlier but the reminder e-mail had obviously motivated him to complete the task. What was the result? A bright new shiny link for my client! How Cool!

Real E-mail Example

I love it when people share 'real life' link building scenarios, they don't pop up all that often so I will step up and share. Below is the conversation string for a link recently acquired. Like last time, all names, URLs and site descriptions have been blured to save my client and the linking website from SPAM.

Click on the images to see larger/clearer pictures of the e-mails.

outbound e-mail

Response e-mail

Second Email

Second Response e-mail

Second Response e-mail

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