Your Audience Can Tell When You're Writing Just To Write, So Stop!


Some of you may have seen a couple tweets yesterday morning regarding my inability to write my next blog post. It all started out with trying to write something loosely tying Christmas and SEO together. I soon found myself not being at all interested in what I was writing so I started looking around Twitter and SEO related sites for inspiration. The entire time I'm getting frustrated but I knew that if I wrote just to write then I would be publishing garbage. Garbage content doesn't help your audience or yourself so if this sounds like a familiar situation then you need to stop writing right now!

Write What You're Passionate About

Even some of the most boring topics can be entertaining if the reader can feel the passion behind the author's writing. Find something that you're passionate about and integrate it with your topic. If you find yourself constantly reaching for the next sentence to write or checking how many words you've written then you need to start over because you’re doing it all wrong.

I personally have a tendency of mixing several of my interests into my writing. You may have noticed that several of my past SEO articles have included football, specifically the Vikings or even video games. These are additional interests of mine that I really enjoy writing about. Being able to combine my interests within certain SEO topics is not only a bonus but it also increases the passion behind the SEO message I’m trying to get across. Because I’m enjoying what I write about I have found that these articles have had a lot more success then some of my other posts.


Stop Writing Just To Write

I'm not talking only about blogs or articles but website copy as well. If you're site content is dull and boring then that's what your visitors are going to think as well. Think about it, which one of these product descriptions do you find more appealing?


"Get your Adrian Peterson Jersey today! Available in both 'home' (purple) and 'away' (white). All sizes available, purchase today!"



"Running Back, Adrian Peterson has been a force to recon with ever since being drafted by the Minnesota Vikings in 2007. With four consecutive 1000+ yard rushing seasons Adrian Peterson has become a player that defenses single handedly need to prepare each game around. Display your Vikings Pride by showing up to the game with this brand new number 28 Adrian Peterson jersey! Available in all sizes for all fans!"

Even if you're not a fan you should find the second description far more appealing. You can tell the authors passion for the sport and more importantly is trying to get the customer excited as well. The extra content sure does help that pages SEO too!

Remember: Garbage In, Garbage Out.

All day long I work around extremely talented web developers and the phrase Garbage in, garbage out is tossed around pretty frequently. When making this statement they are referring to the code being written and the results being shown on the screen. I think this is a perfect analogy for both content generation and SEO as well. If you write just to write then your tossing garbage onto your site. This type of content won't net you any links or 'social rank'. If you take your time, write quality content then your chances of it going 'hot' and attracting links goes up significantly. The key is writing about something that your passionate about!


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