New Bing Operator - linkfromdomain:


In Microsoft's ever lasting goal to compete with search gigantean they have released a search operator that is unique (for now) to only Bing. This oporator allows you to see what a specific website is linking to. The search query to access this information is the following




How To Use linkfromdomain:

This new operator was created to show a user what websites a domain is linking to. It's pretty much the opposite of the "link:" operator that returns information regarding what websites are linking to that specific domain.

Below is an example of the new search operator used for the website.




As you can see, the first couple links shown are to sites that DKS has either built or referenced in our SEO articles.


Building Links With linkfromdomain:

You might ask what benefit this new search operator has for you and your website. It's a fantastic tool to build links with. Are you trying to earn a link from a website that you know is willing to five links out as long as it is to link worthy content? Use this command to view the sites that they are already linking to. Is your content of the same quality or beter? If so you have a pretty good chance of getting a link from this website. If your content is not up to par with what they typically link to then you can see what changes you will need to make to encourage them to link to you.


One Cautionary Note Regarding linkfromdomain:

From our limited time playing with this new command it seems that Bing does not return results if you add a www in from of your URL. For users having this issue, try putting your URL after the search operator without the www. For example


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