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Guaranteed Ways to Get Your Website Penalized

09/11/12 – 5:20 am | Posted By: Lienna

After Panda and now Penguin algorithm updates, websites are getting penalized and website owners are shocked.

Some may argue that it’s “hard to tell what Google will do next.” But that’s not the mindset we should have when thinking about search engine optimization. Practices that were used years ago like microsites, keyword stuffing and getting any external link possible, don’t hold up today. One standard that has always rung true is: focus on your users.

5 Ways to Get Your Website Penalized by Google*

5 ways to get your website penalized

  1. Hide keywords, content and links in the background of your website.
  2. Build a lot of unnatural links, and only use exact match anchor text.
  3. Duplicate your (or someone else’s) content, across domains and/or within the same domain.
  4. Create doorway pages or sneaky redirects.
  5. Build as many microsites as you can and link back to your main site (also, see #2).

There are many other ways to get your website penalized, but these are the most common tactics I come across.

I should mention, that although the above tactics might work for a few days or months, you will always get caught.

The DKS Team really emphasizes building and optimizing a website for users first, and search engines second. Your best-bet is to always put the user first and that ensures that no matter what Google update comes next, you have nothing to fear.

* or other search engines

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About the Author: Lienna

Lienna is the Web Marketing Specialist at DKS Systems. She is an expert in SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Social Media, Online Marketing, and building a positive online web presence.

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