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15 Trackable Social Engagement Metrics

10/01/13 – 5:56 am | Posted By: Lienna

Last week, we talked about looking beyond website traffic and focusing on the whole picture. Part of that is identifying strategies and tactics to support your online initiatives.

Say your overall goal is sales… but a secondary goal is increasing engagement (which then, could potentially increase sales), you will need to determine what metrics you’re going to use to determine success. When you’re evaluating online efforts, sometimes you can’t directly attribute those efforts to sales, you’ll have to make some correlations yourself.

Let’s outline one example.

Primary Goal: More sales.

Secondary Goal: Social engagement.

Strategies & Tactics: 

  1. Encouraging more newsletter sign-ups
  • A/B test newsletter sign up on website.
  • Run a promotion/contest and require email address for entry.
  • Post on social channels once per week with incentive to sign up.
  • Add bigger “forward to friend” button on emails.
  1. Creating more conversations on social networks
  • Ask questions.
  • Share posts that people share.
  • Ask people to comment – related to post type.
  • Run promotions/contests.
  • Ask for on-page recommendations.
  • Engage in conversations happening already.
  • Personally respond to brand mentions, comments, inquiries, problems.
  • Integrate social with enewsletters.
  • Encourage more reviews and manage reviews appropriately.
Okay, so now that we got a general outline, let’s talk about some of the metrics we can use to evaluate campaign success (based on our strategies and tactics).

15 Trackable Engagement Metrics

Trackable Social Engagement Metrics

  1. Newsletter sign-ups –> Google Analytics (event tracking needed).
  2. Reviews/ratings on listing or peer-reviewed sites. –> Manual tally.
  3. Recommendations on Facebook. –> Manual tally.
  4. Weekly average number of comments/likes on your Facebook updates.--> Facebook Insights.
  5. Pins from your website and repins on Pinterest. –> Pinterest analytics.
  6. Trackbacks to your website. –> Google Analytics.
  7. Social shares from your website. –> Google Analytics.
  8. User-generated content. –> Manual tally.
  9. Mentions or conversations on Twitter. –> Twitter manual tally.
  10. Conversions (sales or goal completions) from social referrals. –> Google Analytics.
  11. Post/Pin reach (number of people that saw your post or pins in a given time period). –> Pinterest analytics.
  12. Clicks on social media icons from your website. –> Google Analytics (event tracking needed).
  13. Site usage metrics from social referrals. –> Google Analytics.
  14. Blog post comments. –> Google Analytics (event tracking needed) or manual tally.
  15. LinkedIn company page views and follows. –> LinkedIn analytics.

[Note: this isn’t an all-encompassing example and the example metrics above are merely options to get you thinking outside the box.]

You may have other Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to track based on your social strategy and goals, but hopefully this got you started thinking outside the realm of quantity-based metrics (how many likes/follows).

What quality engagement metrics do you track? Leave them in the comments, below!

About the Author: Lienna

Lienna is the Web Marketing Specialist at DKS Systems. She is an expert in SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Social Media, Online Marketing, and building a positive online web presence.

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