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Spring Clean Your Website

04/23/12 – 5:45 am | Posted By: Lienna

Spring cleaning. Our favorite time of the year (?). Whether it’s a favorite or not, it’s on your ‘honey to-do’ list. Get your closest in order, organize your garage – you know, all those fun things.

Your website needs the same attention. Those mundane tasks you’ve been putting off until you’re less busy? Yeah, now’s the time. Give your website a little Spring cleaning lovin’ because it’s important!

Spring Cleaning Tips for Your WebsiteSpring Clean Your Website


1. Add any updates to your products and services. Chances are, since you last wrote the content on those pages your products/services have changed a little bit. Let your customers know and get that information updated.

2. How’s your call to action? Is it clear? Do you have a consistent call to action on EVERY page? For example, if your goal is capturing emails, why not have that email subscription form on every page? Time to step it up this Spring.

3. Update your contact information. Maybe consumers can now find you on Facebook and  Twitter and Google+. Add those icons to your website! Maybe your phone number has changed or your address. Update that information.

4. Browser test. I’ve seen many websites render differently depending on what browser I’m using. Make sure your website looks the same on all browsers and there are no crazy distortions (I’ve seen it!).

5. Freshen up your images. Those product photos from the 90’s? …Yeah. We’re talking about those.


6. Dig through your analytics and look at your pages with the highest bounce rate. Rewrite that content and/or play with your design and layout to decrease bounces.

7. Filter your data with these 5 filters you should be using. Zone in on different visitor and visitor types to get in-depth information.

8. Use In-Page Analytics (in Google Analytics) to see where people are clicking. If they aren’t clicking where you want them to be, time for a little layout change!

9. Make sure your goals are current.

10. Add social tracking. By adding this tracking code,  you can tie social interactions and engagement with transactions. A must-have, especially for ecommerce websites!


11. Look at your social campaign, strategies and goals and make sure they are current. Maybe engagement has been lacking? Spice things up with questions, discounts or an offer for those loyal fans.

12. Update the information in your social profiles. Just like you should keep the information on your website current, your social profiles need updates too!

13. Step out of your usual routine and try something different. Try making new connections, a new banner image, a new contest, etc. Change is refreshing!

14. Delete old apps and create new ones. If you have a “Promotions” app visible on your Timeline that isn’t current, either update it or delete it. You can bring it back when you have current information to add. Create a new “Welcome” application and link to it from the social icons on your website. (Facebook specific)

15. Try a new social network that would benefit your business. If you have Facebook down pat, and are seeing great results, why not try something new? Pinterest can be great if you have visuals to show Pinterest  users. Obviously this will only work if you have the time and dedication to expand your social presence. I don’t suggest spreading yourself too thin!


16. Re-visit your keywords. Keep your keywords current with search queries. Depending on your industry, search queries might have changed or evolved. Make sure your website is optimized.

17. Clean out the errors. Google Webmaster Tools has more advanced crawl error reports and you should be using them to your advantage! Run though all of your errors and fix the ones you can. Redirect pages that are no longer active, etc. If there are errors you can’t fix yourself, ask your developer for help. It’s important your visitors and consumers have a great user-experience.

18. Update your local listing profiles. Local listings like Google Places should be updated just like your website. You wouldn’t want a visitor to go to the wrong address, or keep old, outdated photos of your products or office. Freshen it up a bit, users will appreciate the currency.

19. How does your back link profile look? Are all your links the ones you sought after and begged asked for? Hopefully you will notice that people are linking to your content organically. If not, time to make a better effort for natural link building. Maybe time for a… blog!

20. Audit your site. Conduct a basic SEO analysis, or go more in-depth if you need to. Make sure you have all your on-page SEO elements in place and active. You should also check your website for these common SEO errors.

Some of these ‘tips’ turned into ideas. I hope you don’t mind. Spring always feels like a fresh start, especially with Spring cleaning and cutting out the necessary clutter. Hopefully these tips will give you the motivation to clean things up and try something new!

Have any Spring cleaning tips? Comment them below and I’ll add them to the list!

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About the Author: Lienna

Lienna is the Web Marketing Specialist at DKS Systems. She is an expert in SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Social Media, Online Marketing, and building a positive online web presence.

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