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5 Pinterest Tips for Your Website

08/23/12 – 5:01 am | Posted By: Lienna

Some brands are optimizing their website for Pinterest (in addition to their other social integrations) and other brands are waiting.

I’m not sure what exactly they’re waiting for… for their competitors to test it out? To see if it will stick around? Doesn’t understand the purpose? The list goes on.

We don’t believe Pinterest is for every brand or product. But we do know that Pinterest offers amazing marketing opportunities and you can even create interesting boards for boring brands.

Will Pinterest Stick Around?

No one knows for sure, but my opinion is YES! Pinterest is here to stay.

  • American users spend 1 hour and 17 minutes on the website. Yes, compared to Tumbler (2.5 hours) and Facebook (7 hours) a little over one hour is deceivingly off-putting to marketers. Why, you ask? AimClear said it best– Facebook is seen as a destination whereas Pinterest is seen as a means to get to a destination. This means that users on Pinterest are looking for resources, products, recipes and more. They want to leave Pinterest and visit other websites. This alone is a HUGE opportunity!
  • Shoppers referred by Pinterest are 10% more likely to make a purchase when compared to Facebook and Twitter visitors. PINTEREST CONSUMERS WANT TO CONVERT! Sorry for the shout-y capitals.
  • Pinterest drives more referral traffic than Google +, Twitter, and YouTube combined.
  • 50% of Pinterest  users have kids.
  • It’s not only for females. About 32% of Pinterest users are male.
  • Apparel retailer referral traffic rose 289% from July-Dec. 2011.
  • Pinterest users are interesting- if you’re looking to market towards Pinterest users, check out the their lifestyle preferences.

Pinterest Tips for Your Website

5 Pinterest Tips for Your Website

So you’re looking to incorporate Pinterest into your website and marketing strategy? Perfect. Here are some tips to make sure your website is optimized for the social platform.

  1. Add the “Pin it” buttons as close to the image as possible. Or use the scroll over “Pin it” button that appears when the user scrolls over the image.
    Pin it buttons for your website.
  2. Make sure only product images are able to be pinned. It’s useless to have every image on the page available for pinning.
    too many Pinterest image choices
  3. Pre-populate the description field. It’s easier for users to pin if they don’t have to add a comment. Include a #hashtag if you wish (great for contests and tracking pins).
    Pinterest description
  4. Add your brand or company name to the photo, if you wish. But keep it subtle and professional. Or, include the article title on the main image you wish to pin.
    Title in Image to Pin
  5. Add the “follow us” Pinterest button or Pinterest icon to your website, along with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, G+, etc. icons.
    Pinterest connect button

Once Pinterest releases their API, brands will be able to use Pinterest to personalize user-experience on their website. Can’t wait!

About the Author: Lienna

Lienna is the Web Marketing Specialist at DKS Systems. She is an expert in SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Social Media, Online Marketing, and building a positive online web presence.


  1. Posted 10/23/12 at 7:56 am | Permalink

    Great article. Pinterest is still so new to many entrepreneurs. Thanks for keeping it simple and informative.

    I recently saw a demonstration of software that could automate many of the pinterest functions (searching, posting, repinning) but it was only for a PC. If you know of software that is mac compatible, do share!

  2. Posted 10/23/12 at 8:09 am | Permalink

    Hi Doug- Thanks for your comment! Was the software free?

    I don’t know of a software- but PinGraphy is a tool (free) that can be used to schedule pins, see metrics and upload pins in bulk. After I do some testing, I’m going to write a post about it. Have you tried it?

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