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Why You Need Frequently Updated Content

03/19/12 – 4:13 am | Posted By: Lienna

I’ve talked before about how to conduct a basic website SEO analysis (in just 5 minutes!) and what I look for. The first thing on that list was the content. Why? Because content is king. Content contains keywords, it’s the soul of a reputable website. Content sells. Plain and simple. Frequently updated content includes blogs, article/news sections; basically anything that is updated on a regular basis and is valuable for your visitors.

frequently updated content graphicReasons You Need Frequently Updated Content

Increased Search Engine Presence

Now, I do not condone sites creating a blog just for search engines but there is no dispute that it helps. Each blog post, article, or news piece that is published on your website creates its own unique page that you can optimize it for search and have indexed on the web. Incorporating all the on page elements can help you rank for keyword phrases describing your content piece.

Long Tail Keywords

You might be targeting long tail keywords already, but why not target more if you have the content to back up your phrases? Long tail keywords can bring a lot of targeted traffic to your website. Visitors using long tail keywords are looking for something very specific, and you should capture their attention with your content.

Let’s run through an example we had from an older article: lets say your company sells computers. Naturally you have a page for each brand: Dell, Mac, & Sony. You might be targeting broad keywords on these pages such as “Dell Computers” but have an uphill and lengthy battle until you reach that #1 spot. Writing an article focusing on “why you want to buy a dell computer” may give you a pretty good chance of ranking for that long tail keyword pretty quickly. Granted, this keyword might not bring you thousands of visitors a day, but if it brings you 10 new visitors a day it is still valuable. Just imagine if you have ten articles that each bring in 10 visitors a day, all that traffic adds up! From an SEO perspective, this is my biggest reason for suggesting that people implement frequently updated content to their site.

Retaining Your Traffic

If your website is stale… what makes a new visitor convert to a returning visitor? Take news websites for example, like Mashable or… they have the latest news and people are visiting their websites everyday to see what’s new. If they weren’t current, no one would return. Frequent content regarding new products, services or industry news might just be the ticket to motivate new visitors to return. It’s great to have a large amount of search traffic, but if your visitors aren’t returning that could be an indication that you need to freshen things up.

Increase Internal Links

Internal links play an important role in on-page SEO. Not only do internal links help the search engines, but they help guide visitors to other areas of interest as well. The more frequently updated content you produce increases the opportunities for internal links. In a good majority of the blog posts that I write, I usually find an opportunity to link to a past post or page on our website. These links help keep visitors on our website, decreasing bounce rate (another factor in SEO). #winning

Social Media Opportunities

When you aren’t producing content or articles that are valuable to your audience… what’s the point of social media? Sure you can try and build your following by sharing industry/niche related news but you’re wasting your time. Create your own industry and helpful content to bring your followers and fans back to your website to capture the opportunity for leads and sales! Building relationships and sending traffic to your website are a couple ROI signals you should be striving for, especially in 2012 where your competitors are most likely dabbling in social networks. In addition to building relationships, engagement and traffic with your frequently updated content, the more that people share and link to your articles helps SEO.

Social media doesn’t only include Facebook and Twitter. Your customers could be on LinkedIn, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, YouTube, Google+ (insert G+ joke here), and many more. There are so many opportunities for businesses on social media and producing their own content that it’s a double threat to your competitors.

Lead Generating Tool

There is no doubt that your competitors are searching for questions and comparisons that haven’t been addressed on the web. By having a section dedicated to frequently updated content, you can address customer questions and concerns. I know I have mentioned Marcus Sheridan before on our blog, but again, he talks about how any industry can be interesting and how to use content to produce leads and sales. You should add this blog to your RSS reader if you haven’t already.


I just gave you six fabulous reasons to have frequently updated content on your website. Not only does it help search engines, but proves useful for visitors as well. Stop missing out on these important opportunities and if you’re serious about your business on the web- this is a big part of your website you should consider.

Am I missing any other benefits? What’s your reason for having a source of frequently updated content on  your website?

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About the Author: Lienna

Lienna is the Web Marketing Specialist at DKS Systems. She is an expert in SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Social Media, Online Marketing, and building a positive online web presence.

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